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Elliot Carlyle Vision Journal
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Elliot Carlyle Vision Journal

Product Description:
Black, 9-3/4" x 7-1/2" Poly Tape Bound Journal personally signed by Elliot Carlyle

Price: $15.00

Additional Details:
I am excited to release these Vision Journals! I have used these in my personal life as an architect of visions, goals, dreams, purpose and in navigating to my own destiny. I have been teaching, training and educating on the use of these journals on my speaking platforms and have experienced monumental results and powerful testimonies from those who have used them. From business plans to educational goals to personal brands to ministries and more...these journals have been an active tool for all those who have used them!

I want to provide you with a personal accountability system for your vision. You will be able to use this journal to record your visions, dreams, affirmations, goals and more and I promise you...what you write you will witness! Get yours today and when the movement happens, share it with me so we can celebrate together! I am for people who are ready...that means, I am for you!

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