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POSTED ON 01/04/2019 — 3 MINUTE READ

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Elliot Carlyle

Happy New Year everyone! I hope your 2019 is off to a power start!

I'm very excited to have begun my new year in a place I've never been...Greenville, South Carolina! I was hosted in Greenville by The Fashion Space to celebrate with the creators, Sarah Houston and Moody Behery, for their launch party celebration on New Year's Eve. I've always been and will continue to be someone who appreciates being part of beginnings. Those who have been following me or heard me speak, have often heard me say something my father taught me as a child: "everyone wants to be around when the bomb goes off, but you have to appreciate the people who were there when the bomb was set." This has stuck with me throughout the years and I continue to be humbled and honored when I'm invited to be part of the beginning of someone's vision.

This was an incredible weekend of connections, destiny conversations, power talks, and influencing creatives, entrepreneurs, visionaries and more to LIVE UP in 2019! I'm inspired by the vision of The Fashion Space to be a platform...a place and space...that connects people so they can build together. The purpose is quite in line with my own message - as architects, we build one another. On New Years Eve, we gathered for fun, music, great food and a fashion show with my friend, former client and New York City-based designer, Rinat Brodach. I was elated to work with her models for the runway show and took a moment to speak with them concerning their career goals and navigating the well as sharing my own story. After the runway show, we danced the night away and as the countdown to midnight took place...The Fashion Space platform went live when the clock struck 12am...horns, blowers, streamers, confetti, screams, cheers, and toasts filled the room. It was truly a moment of celebration of life, accomplishment, new beginnings...and just feeling good!

Next up, on the first day of the year was the Black & White S.T.Y.L.E. (Seriously Trajectifying Your Life's Engagement) Brunch! I was super hyped to bring the Black & White Brunch back and this time with a twist and it was FREE - thanks to The Fashion Space. It was a rough push to get up after the NYE celebrations...but I'm very blessed that a host of talent, creatives, and business professionals met me at the Venue at Falls Park in Greenville that morning for a lovely brunch, mimosa's, and networking. I conducted an "hour of power" talk with the guests on what it means to #trajectifyyourlife and living in purpose on purpose. It was quite moving and the energy in the room was palpable. Following the talk, I signed copies of The Influence Workbook for everyone. I'm proud to say that I spent the first day of the new year with a people of one mind - one focus - living an intentional year of walking in purpose, on purpose and living greater from the inside out!

We're already making plans for 2020 and I definitely want you to be a part! Again, thank you to The Fashion Space and all the incredible people in Greenville, SC, whom I had the pleasure to meet this week! As for all the architects whom this message will reach...I'm sending out a worldwide call for you to engage the movement! Please join my mailing list...connect with me on social media...let's continue the conversation and maximize our demonstration this are always one decision away from your next elevation! Decide to LIVE UP NOW!

All my love,
ELLIOT CARLYLE | the brand. the voice.




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"Elliot Carlyle...a walking billboard." – Noelly Sam, Social Media Strategist & Fashion Entrepreneur, Fashion Unfold | Montreal, Canada
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